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New Releases:

AutoBoot Fixer v1.0 (03/06/2008)  

Old Releases:

VSH Recovery Launcher v0.1 (28/05/2008)


XMBEL v1.2 (24/05/2008)


CF 3.93-2 Italian Pack (03/05/2008)
RS Psar Dumper v3.3 (mod by pspgen) (04/05/2008)


M33xEver v3 (06/04/2008)

Changes v3:
-Possibility to change Firmware Version visible in System Info
-Possibility to change MAC Address visible in System Info
-Possibility to choose five different values of waves speed on the dashboard.


M33xEver v2 (04/04/2008)

Changes v2:
Now instead to set date to 2 Apr, plugin will patch only the waves.
Date will remain correct and at the same time you will have the waves of the M33 brithday surprise!

Thanks to Dark_Alex for patch code!


M33xEver (03/04/2008)

Time Machine Configurator v2.1 (31/03/2008)

CF 3.90M33-3 Italian Pack (30/03/2008)

CTF Manager v1.0 (20/03/2008)

RSPsar Dumper v3.2 (18/03/2008)

Time Machine Configurator v2.0 (11/03/2008)

Alternative VSHMenų v4.2 (07/03/2008)

Alternative VSHMenų v4.1 (04/03/2008)

Note: if you have a PSP Slim, you must to rename pspbtjnf_02g.bin, pspbtlnf_02g.bin and pspbtknf_02g.bin in pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin and then follow the guide inserted in Patch2Flash folder! At the end rename patched file (pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin) in pspbtjnf_02g.bin, pspbtlnf_02g.bin and pspbtknf_02g.bin and overwrite the existings in Flash0!
It should work without problems, but make always a backup of your files before to patch, for security ;)


XMB Eboots Launcher v1.1 for CF 3.90M33 (28/02/2008)

XMB Eboots Launcher v1.0 (26/02/2008)

Alternative VSHMenų v4.0 (25/02/2008)


Changelog v4.0:
-Added a security check to the plugin.
This because of a lamer team, called "Team Just Dead", creator (but I have some doubt about it too...) of the "JD-Battery", that when I released the v3.5 they diffused a hex-edit spanish version of my Alternative VSHMenų saying that they were its programmers and creators...
-Added the NO PIC0 AND PIC1 function
-Added the GAME KERNEL function for PSP Fat
-Added the USB CHARGE function for PSP Slim.
-GAME KERNEL and USBCHARGE functions share the same line, so if you use Alternative VSHMenų on a PSP Fat the GAME KERNEL function will appear, otherwise on a Slim the function USB CHEARGE will appear.
-Now when you change one of the functions that requires the reboot of the console to be applied (Game Kernel, USB Charge, M33 Network Update, No Pic1.png and Pic0.png), Dashboard will be restarted automatically, applying the change!
-Some minor bugfix and improvement to the code.

Note: Because of lack of time, translations will be released later.


Time Machine v1.0 (20/02/2008)


Changelog v1.0:
-Possibility to choose keys for 1.50/1.50+3.40/3.40M33/3.60M33 and Pandora/DC.

RS Psar Dumper v3.1 (18/02/2008)


Changelog V3.1:
-Fixed a critical bug in the previous version of pspdecrypt.prx.
In previous version if you signcheck a encrypted file you obtained a corrupted prx..


CF 3.90M33-2 Recovery Menų - Italian Translation (13/02/2008) 

Quickest Exit v2.0 (12/02/2008)

Changelog V2.0:
-Reinserted the HOME menų: now PSP will return to dashboard ONLY if HOME button is pressed for some moments, allowing users to use the standard HOME menų if he wants.


Ketchup's RecoveryGUI v3.90 - Italian Translation (10/02/2008)

RSPsar Dumper v3.0 (08/02/2008)

Changelog V3.0:
-Added the support for complete KL4E/KL3E decryption
-Increased the 3.90 Firmware support, now it's complete at 100%!
-Program will tell you what sort of decryption support you have.
-Now RSPsar Dumper is ready to use, NO other file is required!
-No copyright or licenses violation.


RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.00 (03/02/2008)

Changelog V3.00:
-Added Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch, Greek and Polish translations.
-Added popstation.exe support, now 1CD PSX games can be converted too! Only one program to convert ALL PSX Games!
-Thanks to Brisma, no BASE.PBP or KEYS.BIN is required by popstation.exe
-Added the zero compression level for 1CD PSX games
-Added a Splash Screen with a security check for the presence of program's necessary files
-Possibility to disable and ri-enable aforesaid Splash Screen
-Added support for NRG and MDF CD images. Now program read these following formats: ISO, NRG, IMG, BIN and MDF!
-Now popstation.exe and popstation_md.exe will ask user to press any key before closing them, so users can understand what is the error which does not allow the eboot creation (if it exists!).
-Added a list of games titles-codes
-Possibility to search for a game title quickly from the listbox
-Auto-recognition of Game-ID from its title
-Added a security check for Game-ID correctness
-Added a "real time" preview of eboot personalization
-Possibility to enable/disable aforesaid real time preview
-Added the possibility to insert any image as PIC0, PIC1 and ICON0! All formats and sizes are accepted! Program will resize and
covert images automatically
-Added the possibility to choose the output folder name (Noone, Game Title and Game Code)
-Added a check for the true existence of selected image
-Added the docmaker!
-Possibility to create a DOCUMENT.DAT standard alone or with the eboot itself
-Possibility to insert any image to DOCUMENT.DAT, program will resize and convert images automatically (so all formats and sizes are accepted!)
-Possibility to add, remove or clean the images list added to docmaker
-If DOCUMENT.DAT will be created together the eboot, it will created in the same folder of the eboot
-Many v2.0b bugs fixed
-Something other that I don't remember at the moment


M33 Recovery Menų - Italian Translation (31/01/2008)

RS Psar Dumper v2.2 (30/01/2008)

Changelog V2.2:

-Increased the available buffer to allow the CORRECT extraction of the 3.90 Firmware from Official Updater Eboot.
-Now the 3.90F Firmware can be extracted perfectly
-Only X and O functions will work without problems, the SQUARE function (extract and decrypt of ALL files) works fine but ends with and error when search for reboot.bin!


Protect GAME v1.0 (28/01/2008)

Changelog v1.0:

-Plugin will force PSP to return to dashboard when you try to start a game or a homebrew
-If you mantein L + R when you start a game or a homebrew, plugin will disactive itself automatically and so the game will start.


RS Psar Dumper v2.1 (24/01/2008)

Changelog V2.1:

-Fixed all license violation of the release
-Added source code to respect GPL license
-Deleted HelldashX prxs that violated Sony Copyrights


RS Psar Dumper v2.0 (24/01/2008)

Changelog V2.0:

-Possibility to extract and decrypt files from the 3.80 Official Updater Eboot.
-Added an exe file to make easier installing the homebrew on PSP with CF 3.80M33

Attention: Some people retain that HellDashX 3.80 Psar Dumper is a violation of the Sony Copyright!
Since this RSPsar Dumper update uses the HellDashX prxs, I have to inform you that if you want to use RSPsar Dumper v2 (ONLY the v2!) you have to be conscious that you're violating the Sony Copyright.


Quickest Exit v1.0 (22/01/2008)

Italian Translation of CF 3.80M33-5 Recovery Menų (20/01/2008)

Italian Translation of RecoveryGUI 3.80 by Ketchup

Alternative VSHMenu V3.5 ! (18/01/2008)

Changelog V3.5 :

-Changed the disposition of menu lines to avoid to occupy all PSP screen height.
-Added a function to enable/disable M33 Network Update.
-Now when VSHMenų begins, the button "Shutdown PSP" will be selected as the first. In this way the process of PSP turning off, reboot and standby is quickly.
-Added 2 new versions of the PRX: one of them is the Italian translation (by Red Squirrel) and the other is the French Translation (by Britix).